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Who are Scents & Scentsibility

Clare & Barrie launched Scents & Scentsibility® LTD in 2018, bringing together over a decade of experience. After years of working in professional industries, they decided to take the plunge and do what they love full time!

They understand the power of fragrance and how it can impact mental well-being. They create with passion and are always coming up with something new!

If you are lucky, you can usually spot them, covered in wax and sparkles, smelling rather fabulous, or taking time to relax either in Cornwall or Wales with their family and cheeky French Bulldog, Bree.

The Scents & Scentsibility Team

We are a small, passionate team...

We're so lucky to have the most dedicated team here at S&S. Whether it's packing your order, labelling products or making soap, we are all dedicated to bringing you the very best!

Where are we based?

Scents & Scentsibility are based in lovely Saltash, Cornwall.

We get many visitors on the way to their holiday destination down in Cornwall.

Don't be afraid to pop in and say hello!

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  • Chelsea says:

    "Love this wax. The best I’ve found for electric warmers by far, and I’ve tried a lot. Prices are great. Love the fact there’s so much choice and exclusive blends. The personal touch and customer service is outstanding, genuinely can’t fault them. Would recommend (and have recommended) to everyone."

  • Ria says:

    "Fantastic strong scented wax. A huge choice and some incredible unique blends. Clare and Barrie are such lovely people to deal with too and I am so glad I found this vendor's products. Strong, long lasting, amazing blends and fantastic service which means I’ll be back again and again. Highly recommended."

  • Sam says:

    "I love Scents & Scentsibility, their customer service is second to none. Amazing long lasting scents that also look super pretty. The drop box feature is great for those on a budget & when it arrives it feels like a proper treat. I will be a customer for a very long time."