Collection: Pie Week


Pie Week takes place from 9am Monday 4th March and ends at 9pm Sunday 10th March.

We will be offering selected 8oz and 16oz pies at a reduced price in 4 options:

  • Generic (£10.50/£20) available all week.
  • Signature Blended (£11.50/£21.50) available all week.
  • Signature Chunky/Layered (£12.50/£23.00) available all week.
  • Daily Exclusives available to order for 24 hours, priced as above.

There will be a brand new blend every single day, as well as other exclusives.

All pies are POURED TO ORDER - turnaround time is approximately 1 month from Monday 11th March, but be mindful that they could take longer due to volume. We will endeavour to ship as quickly to you as possible. We will posting regular updates in our Facebook Group with progress, so please avoid emailing regarding this.

  • When ordering, simply select your pie choice from the drop down list of options. The Daily Exclusives will be listed separately.
  • You can order as many pies as you like, these are unrestricted.
  • You will not be able to order anything alongside the poured to order pies.
  • Society Bespoke requests will be turned off until we are almost finished making and dispatching all pies.
  • There will be a Pie Week specific shipping option. This means you can add the daily pies without having to pay daily shipping. If you spend more than £40 over the week (£30 for Society members) you will have no shipping to pay. If it is under this amount, we will invoice for any shipping charges required after Pie Week has ended.
  • Daily Exclusives will be updated at 9am each day.
  • You cannot use any stars vouchers or discount codes on Pie Week orders.
  • You can continue to make ready to ship website orders for other products separately. Dispatch time for these orders remain at 1-2 working days (most times same or next day dispatch)


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