Pet Dog Wax Melt Safe Friendly

Are Wax Melts Pet Friendly?

For those of us with furry friends or cute critters in our homes, we want to know that any fragranced product we use is going to be safe. After all, they're more than just pets, they're beloved members of our family! 

We are often asked if our fragrances, wax melts in particular, are safe for pets or pet friendly and we always give the same answer. 

It's a little more complicated than 'yes' or 'no'

Take for instance, our French Bulldog, Bree, who is a brachycephalic breed (Short snout, flat-faced), well-known for being at higher risk to complex respiratory issues. She is an absolute joy in our lives and our precious fur-baby. She comes to work every day with us in the Wax Den and in her eight years of life has never had an issue being in the vicinity of any fragrances we use. 

French Bulldog

Likewise, we have hundreds of customers who use our products on a daily basis, with pets around and in the twelve years I've been making fragranced products have never had a customer report an issue with their pet. 

Why do we not automatically say that our products are pet-friendly?

Like humans, all animals are different - some may have allergies, some intolerant to some foods, some mischievous and generally cause carnage, but we love them all the same. 

Do a quick internet search and you will find hundreds of companies advertising 'pet safe fragrances', however we advise proceeding with caution when taking this statement at face value. 

Let's take Lavender Essential Oil as an example. Widely considered 'safe for dogs' when diluted, but in concentrated forms can be toxic if ingested. Some people have an allergy to limonene, a naturally occurring chemical found in citrus and present in many fragrance oils (and cleaning products). This can potentially be harmful to an animal also, but is extremely low-risk when diluted into the products we make. 

What we advise

You know your pet best. You understand what they need, what they're sensitive to, what they like and what they don't like, so start from there. 

Do your research - not a quick google and read the first article you find, because when you dig more deeply, many can be biased and come from a place of selling you a product, or have an ulterior motive for their stance on this topic. 

Of course, we want to sell you our products, because we are passionate about what we do and genuinely believe they are the best on the market. But we also want to be transparent and give you the facts to make an informed choice. 

Tips for using fragranced products around pets

  • Think about where you use your products - is your wax burner or warmer in a place which can be accessed or knocked by your pet?
  • Consider using an electric warmer - these typically warm to a lower temperature than a tea-light and is less likely to cause damage if knocked by a clumsy pet. 
  • Use your fragrances in a well-ventilated area to avoid a build up of strong scent where a pet may be. 
  • Always leave a open exit. Cats and Dogs have the ability to decide if a scent is too strong for their senses and will move away if bothered. Leaving a door open to another room or giving them a fragrance -free space can be helpful. 
  • We advise never to use fragranced products around birds and reptiles. These animals have extremely sensitive respiratory systems and any fragranced product, including cleaning products should be avoided. 

We love our pets and want what's best for them. A careful, considered approach means we can enjoy our favourite fragrances and look after them at the same time! 

Leave us a comment below to let us know if you have a pet and how you use fragrance in your home!


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Great article! I have guinea pigs who have super sensitive respiratory systems so would never use anything scented in the living room where they live but the rest of the house is fine!


Fantastic blog and very important and informative too . I have a loony lab , a cat and an African Grey parrot , my parrot lives in the living room where I have two electric burners . I’m very careful with what I burn around him and always use your products with no issues whatsoever ! Xx

Marie Nicholas

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