What our customers say...

Happy Customers...

'This is beautiful. Lovely throw, classy packaging and so easy to cut'  - Karen

'Super super strong and only slightly melted 
Twisting my melon man! I need more!' - Adele

'They all smell amazing. I thought there would be at least one I disliked (twisting my melon) but I even love that one! Best sampler I’ve had in a long while!' - Sal

'Pineapple Split. Seriously lush, absolutely spot on!
Phuket is gorgeous too. Thank you.' - L

All about the scents...

'Gorgeous scent, cuts easily and the throw is amazing' - Becky

'Loving pineapple split. It’s so strong. Only just put it in the burner and I can smell it starting to fill the room already' - Dani

'Raspberry lemonade + orange sherbet = sitting in front of my burner all day...' - Lara

'Rainbow Love was on for just the 4 hours last night, I came down this morning and could smell it, come in from work 10 minutes ago and can still smell it, and now popped another tealight under, just love this blend so much. Going to have to stock up on this beaut' - Jules

'I have to say that each and every 1 of my melts on cold sniff are AMAZING! Gingerlily and Rose & Rhubarb are gorgeous! And every 1 of the 90's collection is amazing too' - Judith