Re-Use & Reward!

At Scents & Scentsibility Ltd, we are conscientious of our environmental responsibilities. Where facilities are available, we would encourage recycling of all our packaging. 
We are very proud to offer a Re-Use & Reward Scheme on our Scent Shot, Chub and Pie Pots. All you have to do is save them and when you have enough to warrant the postage, return them to us for a freebie in your next order. 

*For us to re-use the pots, they need to be in the same condition as they were sent out to you (minus your lovely wax), preferably with labels intact for us to scent match. 

Rewards as follows:

20 empty Scent Shots with lids: 1x free shot in your next order. 

10 empty Chub Pots or 5 empty 8oz Pie Pots with lids: 1 x free chub in your next order

Of course, send us any combination of these and we will happily reward you also!

Compostable Bags

Did you know our fabulous Kraft Chunk Bags are made from recycled products? They are sourced from an ethical company who have actually been nominated for the National Recycling Awards! Because they are lined, you can wipe them out after use and potentially use them for storing things (like more wax!) or you can follow the instructions on the bottom and turn them into compost!
We also use acid-free tissue paper in our boxes, meaning it can be more easily recycled (if you don't re-use it) and uses less energy to make.