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The Grease Collection

The Grease Collection

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Greased Lightning- Our re-worked version. Think of T-Birds after working on the car- a soft leather jacket, fresh, clean shower gel and a hint of aftershave!

Beauty School Drop Out- The perfumed air that hits you as you step into a beauty salon. Very pink and intoxicating!

Zuko Zinger- A mouth-wateringly zingy blend of sour watermelon, and citrus.

Blue Moon- A gorgeous powdery, marine and soft musk blend, with light florals and fruits. Totally dreamy.

Summer Nights- Fresh, clean clothes, suntan lotion and our favourite perfume. Ready for a summer night out on the town!

Pink Ladies Rule the School!- Bubblegum, pink fruits and a whole lot of attitude!

Hopelessly Devoted- A little bit of love swirled in between beautiful cherry blossom and vanilla bean. 

Hickie Kenickie- A bite on the neck from a T-Bird. Sultry Pomegranate Noir meets cherry cola. Incredibly sexy.

Peachy Keen, Jellybean!- When everything's right with the world- a cocktail of ripe peaches, jellybeans and melon.

Oh Sandy!- Sweet strawberries, pineapples and juicy lemons make this the one that we want!