Signature 2oz Wax Melt Scent Shots

Signature 2oz Wax Melt Scent Shots

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All Hallow’s Eve - A dark, devious, earthy blend, rich in tobacco and woods.

At The Garage - The young mechanic after a day working on the car - a soft leather jacket, fresh, clean shower gel and a hint of aftershave!

Assassin - The young lady grows up with this kickass blend of sour fruit candy and cherry cola.

Be Quiet - A spell to soothe the chaos. Dreamy, creamy coconut with warm vanilla and earthy sandalwood.

Beauty School - The perfumed air that hits you as you step into a beauty salon. Very pink and intoxicating!

Blue Moon - A gorgeous powdery, marine and soft musk blend, with light florals and fruits. Totally dreamy.

Boobs & Booze - A cheeky brew of ripened fruits, steeped in boozy red wine, with hints of tobacco leaf and honied vanilla.

Butterscotch Brew - A sweet, sugary edible smelling accord with sticky toffee, caramel, butterbeer and soft fluffy vanilla.

Buzz Off!- Well known for it's bug-busting properties, we combined essential oil of citronella with fruity notes of strawberry, mandarin, and raspberry.

Carol F**king Baskin - Flower power with a hidden nefarious edge.

Cuppa Tea - Worm brings out the fine China with Earl Grey and the 'posh' biscuits. (This is an undecorated version of our previous blend 'Cuppa Tea With The Missus')

Dragon In Your Veins - Exotic and beautiful, this is a blend of sensuous, floral musk and berries, earthy dragon's blood and serendipity. A scent fit for a queen.

Dragon Mummy - A beautiful feminine blend of exotic figs and cassis with true Egyptian Musk.

Dragon Warrior - Earthy patchouli, amber and sandalwood, with deep vanilla, exotic musk, coconut milk and fig leaves. Deep, brooding and sensual, just like an exotic warlord should be!

Enchanted Forest - A mist of dark, forbidden fruits with tempting sweet patchouli, swirling around ancient trees with hints of pine and eucalyptus.

Fiery - Don't lose your head with this blend of clean, crisp mandarin, ruby-rich juices of pomegranate, raspberry and plum, spiked with pink pepper and spicy woods. *Contains resin eye decoration - remove before use.

Forever - An intoxicating spell of soft, dreamy blankets, fresh cut roses, white musk and amber.

Frosty Dragon - An undead dragon, blasting freezing ice-breath.

Frosty King - A deadly blend of dark spices, ethereal florals and a frosty edgy.

Giant's Hut - The small, wooden cabin on the edge of the Enchanted Forest is aromatic, grounding and mystical. A home to magical beasts of all kinds, it has a rich incense and sweetly spiced fragrance, with notes of calming sandalwood and sweet florals.

Ginger Warrior- A rugged, musky man scent, with a hint of the frozen north.

He’s Free! - Fresh, clean floral notes mingle with sweet mystical tobacco leaf, rich amber and honey.

Hickie - Sultry Pomegranate Noir meets cherry cola. Incredibly sexy.

King Of Goblins- Deep red raspberries and ripe plums blended with distinctive and exotic patchouli and sandalwood.

Lavender’s Blue - A walk through a lavender embellished enchanted woodland.

Lavender Chiffon - Pretty pink perfume with a relaxing lavender touch.

Lavender Cotton - Clean, fresh cotton with herbal lavender.

Lavender Laundry - Our fabulous herbal lavender on freshly washed laundry.

Lavender Lemonade - A refreshing citrussy beverage, flecked with herbal lavender. More lemons than lavender, but utterly summery and beautiful!

Lavender Rain - Earthy patchouli, fresh ozone with lavender and soft florals.

Lavender Wish - Pretty perfume and a swirl of lavender. Girly and romantic.

Let There Be Light - A simple charm emitting a bright light of clean peppermint glow and warm magical earthy grounding from a phoenix feather.

Love Potion - Alluring and quietly seductive.

Lover or brother? -An after-bath cologne of fresh ocean mist, deep vetiver, musks and cedarwood.

Masquerade- A haunting melody of floral ylang, jasmine and sweet rose, mingled with gentle violet leaf and cedarwood.

Mumsy Wumsy - Named by the lovely Thomas. A familiar fabric softener type mingled with all the sweet treats of bubblegum, cotton candy and lemon drops because 'Mummy is a sweetie!'

Northern Lad -   Manly musk, with a touch of Northern forest.

Northern Queen - A frosty perfume blend of sweet roses, fruity florals and wintery pine.

Our First Birthday (Secret blend)

Oubliette - Dark, ripened blackberries and raspberries, plum blossoms and a touch of honeysuckle, with exotic hints of coconut and bamboo.

Our Second Birthday - A secret celebratory blend. Softly sweet and comforting.

Parklife - Take a walk through freshly cut grass, vanilla orchids and pink petals. Strictly no pigeons.

Peaches & Dream - A fresh, juicy peach at its heart, with an arousingly beautiful perfumed musk, transporting you into a dreamstate.

Peachy Keen -  When everything's right with the world- a cocktail of ripe peaches, jellybeans and melon.

Poisonous Love - A bleeding heart in a betrayal of citrus, peach and berries, entwined with earthy patchouli and poison apple (This is deliberately under-poured, to allow the heart to sit on top without being squished)

Pureblood - Deathly lilies, grave-covering greenery, with heavy notes of patchouli, musk, oakmoss and ambergris bring death and despair to all who oppose the dark one himself!

Remember - That feeling when you know you’ve forgotten something, but don’t know what it is. A nostalgic fragrance of amber, sweet patchouli, soft fruits and petals.

Rule The School - Bubblegum, pink fruits and a whole lot of attitude!

Sandy - Sweet strawberries, pineapples and juicy lemons make this the one that we want!

Sassy Aunt - Sharp, sophisticated and ultra sassy. 

She’s A Lady - Soft, velvety rose petals entwined with gentle florals, Vanilla & Amber.

Shoo Fly! - Reminiscent of a wild Indonesian Herb used to keep bugs away. With notes of chamomile, citronella, rose, jasmine, lily and pine. Perfect for summer nights outdoors!

Sleepy Mermaid - Oceanic florals, gentle woods and a twist of lavender.

Sniffle Buster- traditional vapour rub with an essential oil boost to blow away those nasties!

Stinking Bog - Jungle Moss, Amber Glow and white, musky clouds linger over a bubbling bog of sweet, resinous Oudh.

Summer Evening - Fresh, clean clothes, suntan lotion and our favourite perfume. Ready for a summer night out on the town!

Transformation Potion - A highly complex, shape-changing potion which usually tastes disgusting. However, we've made a concoction of bubbly, sweet soda pop and fruit candy to make our version more palatable.

Vaporize - Super strong to help clear the sinuses. A eucalyptussy Vapor Rub with a twist of lavender.

Voodoo - Sparkling fruits mingle with clean leaves on a musky vanilla base.

Wand Shop - A magical blend of leafy olive branches, lavender bright citrus fruits of lemon and bergamot, softened with musk and sweetened ever so lightly with vanilla.

Young Sarah - A soft, girly perfume, super pretty and light.

Zara's Zen - 100% Essential Oil blend. Aromatic lavender, clary sage, chamomile and geranium entwine with refreshing notes of bergamot. This is priced more expensively due to high price of the essential oils. 

Zuko Zinger - A mouth-wateringly zingy blend of sour watermelon, and citrus.