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It's Only Forever - An intoxicating spell of powdery floral musk, soft fruits, orchids and glistening notes of amber and vanilla.

Cuppa Tea With The Missus - Worm brings out the fine China with Earl Grey and the 'posh' biscuits.

Power of Voodoo - Sparkling fruits mingle with clean leaves on a musky vanilla base.

Oubliette - Dark, ripened blackberries and raspberries, plum blossoms and a touch of honeysuckle, with exotic hints of coconut and bamboo.

Fiery Gang - Don't lose your head with this blend of clean, crisp mandarin, ruby-rich juices of pomegranate, raspberry and plum, spiked with pink pepper and spicy woods.

Bog of Eternal Stench - Jungle Moss, Amber Glow and white, musky clouds linger over a bubbling bog of sweet, resinous Oudh.

Peaches & Dream - A fresh, juicy peach at it's heart, with an arousingly beautiful perfumed musk, transporting you into a dreamstate.

The Goblin King- Deep red raspberries and ripe plums blended with distinctive and exotic patchouli and sandalwood.