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Harry Potter Inspired

Harry Potter Inspired

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Amortentia - The most powerful love potion in existence. Alluring and quietly seductive.

Death Eater - The Dark Lord's army, wreak havoc upon Muggles! Their scent of lilies, grave-covering greenery, with heavy notes of patchouli, musk, oakmoss and ambergris bring death and despair to all who oppose Voldemort himself!

Forbidden Forest - The old 'Dark Forest' that borders the Hogwarts grounds. A mist of dark, forbidden fruits with tempting sweet patchouli, swirling around ancient trees with hints of pine and eucalyptus.

Hagrid's Hut - The small, wooden cabin on the edge of the Forbidden Forest is aromatic, grounding and mystical. A home to magical beasts of all kinds, it has a rich incense and sweetly spiced fragrance, with notes of calming sandalwood and sweet florals.

Hogsmeade Brew - A sweet, sugary edible smelling accord with sticky toffee, caramel, butterbeer and soft fluffy vanilla.

Lumos - A simple charm emitting a bright light of clean peppermint glow and and warm magical earthy grounding from a phoenix feather.

Magic Wand Bag - Newly purchased from Ollivander's, a clean yet mysterious blend of herbs, woods and citrus.

Ollivander - A magical blend of leafy olive branches, lavender bright citrus fruits of lemon and bergamot, softened with musk and sweetened ever so lightly with vanilla.

Polyjuice Potion - A highly complex, shape-changing potion which usually tastes disgusting. However, we've made added a concoction of bubbly, sweet soda pop and fruit candy to make our version more palatable.

Quietus - A spell to soothe the chaos. Dreamy, creamy coconut with warm vanilla and earthy sandalwood

Remembrall - A large marble-size glass ball that contains smoke which turns red when the owner has forgotten something. The smoke has a beautifully nostalgic fragrance of amber, sweet patchouli, soft fruits and petals.

The Sorting Hat - Which house do you belong to? It combines the wisdom of the olive tree, magic of unicorns and the tiniest hint of worn leather. Upon melting, the house to which you belong will be revealed!