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Game Of Throws

Game Of Throws

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God of Tits & Wine - Tyrion's brew of ripened fruits, steeped in boozy red wine, with hints of tobacco leaf and honied vanilla.

Stick Em With The Pointy End - Arya grows up with this kickass blend of sour fruit candy and cherry cola.

Jaime F***ing Lannister - The Kingslayer's after bath cologne of fresh ocean mist, deep vetiver, musks and cedarwood.

Love is a Poison - Cersei's bleeding heart in a betrayal of citrus, peach and berries, entwined with earthy patchouli and poison apple (This is deliberately underpoured, to allow the heart to sit on top without being squished)

Blood of the Dragon - Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons. Exotic and beautiful, this is a blend of sensuous, floral musk and berries, earthy dragon's blood and serendipity. A scent fit for a Khaleesi!

Dothraki- The scent of Khal Drogo, for all those Game of Thrones fans! Earthy patchouli, amber and sandalwood, with deep vanilla, exotic musk, coconut milk and fig leaves. Deep, brooding and sensual, just like a Dothraki warlord should be!

Dracarys! (A new addition to the GOT range) - Bright citrus blasts through earthy incense and sensuous amber, embedded with deep, rich fruits, Asian florals and musk.

Ice Dragon - An undead Viserion blasting freezing ice-breath.

Khaleesi - A beautiful feminine blend of exotic figs and cassis with true Egyptian Musk.

Lady Sansa - Soft, velvety rose petals entwined with gentle florals, Vanilla & Amber.

Queen Of The North - A frosty perfume blend of sweet roses, fruity florals and wintery pine.

The Night’s King - A deadly blend of dark spices, ethereal florals and a frosty edgy.

Tormund - A rugged, musky man scent, with hint of the frozen north.

You Know Nothing... (Jon Snow)  Manly musk, with a touch of Northern forest.