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Chunk Bags

Chunk Bags

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A bakery bag of soft, rippled, chunk wax in one of our Signature blends.

Approximately 200g

Date Night - Clare's favourite combination of fragrance- Pink Chiffon and Vanilla Bean Noël.

Elsa’s Undies - Frosty, sweet peppermint and clean laundry.

Lady Barber - Shaving foam, hot towels and aftershave with a feminine touch.

Noel’s Gingerbread S’Mores - No chocolate in this warm marshmallowy treat, encased in gingerbread biscuits and a drizzle of vanilla caramel. 

Smells Like Teen Spirit - Musky male aftershave and mosh pits!

Sunshine After the Rain - Clean, oceanic, salty air, mingled with sun-ripened fruits