4oz Wax Melt Chubs M-Z
4oz Wax Melt Chubs M-Z
4oz Wax Melt Chubs M-Z
4oz Wax Melt Chubs M-Z
4oz Wax Melt Chubs M-Z
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4oz Wax Melt Chubs M-Z

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4oz Chubs

Double the size of a scent shot. For those of you who want a little bit more of that gorgeous blend! These are all fragrances EXCLUSIVE to S&S.

We keep these in stock on a rolling basis, largely influenced by custom orders. 

Magic Faerie - Snow Faerie with notes of magical fruits and petals on a base of Nubian Musk.

Maleficent - Nicola’s blend of our signature Faerie Jelly with a Black Jack overpour. 

Man Cave - Alison's masculine blend of aftershave, fresh laundry and a touch of patchouli.

Make Up Your Room - Jodie’s blend that’s just like walking into a fresh hotel room - clean soap, clean linen and rich, velvet decadence.

Malibu Sunset - Claire’s sweet, juicy pineapple, cherry and orange, dusted with pink petals and a hint of coconut.

Maria - Sweet Passionfruit with a Blonde Moment overpour. 

Marie Antoinette - ‘Let Them Eat Cake,’ she said. Sweet sugared coconut milk, vanilla orchids, white musk and a twist of herbal lavender.

Marshmallow Hommécide - Toasted marshmallow, smouldering woods and a twist of homicidal maniac.

Marshmallow Woods - A dreamy blend of gooey marshmallow, smooth vanilla  and exotic woods and musks.

Mermaid Island - A stunning selection of tropical fruits and exotic petals, floating along a tide of oceany aromas.

Merryn’s Sweet Kisses - Samantha (and Merryn’s) beautiful girly blend of pretty pink petals, sweet lavender and ultra smooth vanilla sandalwood.

Midnight Hour - Mysterious Sandalwood and incense intermingled with Amber, Myrrh and Patchouli.

Midnight Peppermint - Cooling, fresh peppermint leaves, a drop of herbal Eucalyptus with a touch of sweet zing for balance.

Mint Choc Chip Ice-Cream (reformulated) - Rich vanilla ice-cream, spiked with cool, sweet mint and flecks of smooth chocolate.

Monsoon - a sweet and sassy pink sugar wrapped in blackcurranty comfort blanket.

Morning Break - Rich Colombian coffee, served with a sweet, buttery biscuit.

Moudhy Man - Barrie’s blend of clean aftershave a hint of moody Oudh.

Mr Sandman - Claire’s go to sleep blend of strong lavender, earthy sandalwood, sweetened with a hint of vanilla.

Nagging Bird - Clean white soap, soothing incense and musky pink perfume.

Nagging Girlfriend -Rozanna’s beautiful blend of Nag Champa and musky pink perfume.

Nagging Mistress - Our signature Nagging Wife over Black Sugar chunks.

Nagging Mother - Charlotte’s beautiful blend of Nag Champa, Pink Sugar and soft, fluffy marshmallow.

Nagging Wife - Nag Champa with an edge of pink sugary musk and a calm-you-pants twist of lavender.

No Drama Llama - A brand new Pie Week exclusive! A cosy blend of lightly toasted marshmallow, flecks of ginger and sweet strawberry juice, loaded with spun sugar.

Noel’s Gingerbread S’Mores - No chocolate in this warm marshmallowy treat, encased in gingerbread biscuits and a drizzle of vanilla caramel.

Noel’s Lime in the Coconut - A mellow blend of creamy vanilla, coconut and zesty lime.

Noel Rules in Pink - Nicola’s blend of Pink Sugar, MissRule & Vanilla.

Noel’s Sweet Mint - Nicola’s blend of Spearmint nuggets in a blanket of vanilla.

Not To Be Sniffed At - Jacqueline’s breezy mix of herbal bubble bath and sinus-soothing vaporub.

Now I Have A Machine Gun - Straight-up man and they don't come more hardcore than Bruce, trying to save Christmas!

Ocean Breeze - Marine florals combined with crisp, clean air.

Olaf’s Warm Hugs - He may be a snowman, but his heart is warm. Warm Vanilla Sugar with aromatic spice, woods and musk, with a hint of fresh pine.

Old Smokey Joe - Andrea’s beautiful blend of old-school aftershave, bushy beards and touch of expensive cologne.

One Stop Shop - Ali’s bonkers blend of fizzy Have A Bath, clean laundry and sugary jellybeans. This shouldn’t work, but it really does!

Oooh, All Night Baby - Gem & Ellie’s beautiful combination of Bedtime Bath, juicy blackberry and raspberry, with subtle hints of lemon. This one is so relaxing!

Ophelia - A blue raspberry screwball ice-cream, served with a dollop of birthday cake!

Orange and Pineapple - Quite simply sweet and super- fruity orange and pineapple.

Orange Beach - Named after a beach in Alabama where locals attempted to grow oranges, satsumas and grapefruit on the shores. A stunning clean blend of crisp mandarin orange, with tangy green notes, sea salt and ozone.

Orange Birthday - Clean, crisp mandarin orange and creamy, white birthday cake.

Oranges and Lemons - Sweet and tangy orange with sharp and sugary lemon.

Orange Fluffy Towels - Our best-selling Fluffy Towels, with a bright orange twist.

Orange Laundry - Sweet, mandarin orange and sunshine-clean detergent

Orange You Calm - A soothing overlay of dreamy sweet vanilla & earthy sandalwood, flecked with uplifting sweet orange.

Orange You Cool - An incredibly cool, uplifting blend of sweet orange, spearmint & eucalyptus.

Orange You Sexy - Rich Blood Orange, smouldering woods and a touch of smouldering leather - this is a truly sexy scent!

Orange You Sweet! - A sugary-sweet blend with an orangey hit.

Our Lucky Penny - A clean, bright blend of baby powder, gentle detergent and dreamy lavender.

Over the rainbow - A dreamy blend of star fruit, cotton candy, velvety sugar, soft florals and powdery musk.

Pampered Plums - Clean, creamy soap suds with rich, fruity plums, deep florals and enduring notes of patchouli and musk

Parklife - Take a walk through freshly cut grass, vanilla orchids and pink petals. Strictly no pigeons.

Party in My Nose - Take a little lime, add a splash of lemon, a few raspberries, a handful of strawberries, a dash of vanilla, a whole load of sticky sugary goodness, give it a good shake and you’re ready for the perfect summer party!

Pat’s Potion - Pat’s beautiful blend of sandalwood, jasmine and musk.

Peachy Clean - Claire's gorgeous mix of fresh peaches and vanilla on a laundry base.

Peach Laundry -  Soft, ripe peaches and soothing fabric softener.

Pear & Freesia - Similar in Style & identity to a Jo Malone perfume; fresh, juicy pears, with gorgeous summer flowering freesia.

Peaty’s Pamper - Jodie’s beautiful blend of snuggly laundry, pink perfumes and chocolate orchid.

Peppermint Chillout - Our gorgeous creamy, sweet peppermint with strong, herbal lavender. One to clear the sinuses and calm the senses.

Peppermint Fluffy Flump - Emma’s minty Peppermint Fluff, mashed with sweet cotton candy and sugared musk.

Peppermint Noel - Chunk of strong peppermint with a Vanilla Bean Noel overpour.

Persephone - Nicola’s Black and Chocolate Orchid combination, darkened with myrrh, amber and creamy sandalwood.

Pineapple Candy Drop - Lyndsey’s perfectly plump & juicy pineapple, sugary pear drop and sweet cotton candy mix of magic.

Phantom - A special blend for Lisa’s birthday. Smooth aftershave with light floral notes. Dreamy and elusive. 

Philippa’s Beach Towel - Swaying oceanic breeze, a sprinkling of sea salt with gentle floral notes of violet, lavender and gardenia laundry.

Phuket, Let's Go! - Fly away to an exotic island with this dreamy blend of coconuts, Thai lime and mango. Gorgeous!

Pina Colada - Fresh, juicy pineapple, coconut and rum, blended together to make a classic cocktail.

Pineapple Pop - Barrie’s Bubblegum and Pineapple mash-up.

Pink & Blue Laundry - Musky, sweet and heady his and hers perfumes mingled with a dreamy detergent.

Pink & Purple Dreams - Claire’s relaxing blend of French lavender, aromatic violet, cashmere woods and head sandalwood, finishing with sweet sugary musk.

Pink Candy Kisses - Sweet strawberry, candy floss, with hints of lemon drops and raspberry on a seductive base of musks.

Pink Fairy Wishes - Linzie’s sweet, girly blend of Snow Fae and musky sugar, dusted with thousands of wishes.

Pink Fluffy Towels - Fresh scent of clean towels with notes of lemon, apple, lavender and lily, perfumed with a sweet and musky base.

Pink Island Towels - Colette's beautiful blend of Pink Sugar and Fluffy Towels on a dreamy detergent base.

Pink Laundry- Musky and sweet Pink Sugar perfume on a laundry base.

Pink Lavender Haze - Strong lavender, hints of eucalyptus and lashings of Pink Sugar.

Pink Lavender Patchouli - Herbal lavender & earthy patchouli, sweetened with musky Pink Sugar.

Pink Lavender Orchid - Claire’s pretty pink perfumed orchids with a twist of herbal lavender.

Pink Paradise - Anita’s Tropical Bora Bora with a Pink Sugar twist

Pink Parma Violet - Musky, sweet Pink Sugar and powdery Parma Violet.

Pink Peppermint - Simply Pink Sugar and peppermint. Sweet and cool

Pink Peppermint Dreams - Lavender Haze enveloped in sweet pink peppermint.

Pink Pixie - Cheeky Pink Sugar chunks, blanketed with white fairy washing powder.

Pink Pops - A sugary, creamy berry fizzy pops blend.

Pink Pyjamas - Our best-selling Pajamamara turns pink!

Pink Sandalwood Sugar - Sweet cotton candy and lemon drops, caramel and raspberry intermingled with rich vanilla and earthy Indian Sandalwood.

Pink Vanilla Spearmint - Kelly's blend of sweet & musky Pink Sugar, creamy vanilla and cool spearmint.

Pink Velvet - Sugary musk, velvet cream, richly perfumed and totally indulgent.

Pinky & Perky - Lots of pink - musky and sweet.

Pirates & Petals - Oceanic sea salt with fresh, tangy ozone enveloped in sweet cherry blossom and mimosa flower petals. This is stunning blend!

Pocket Rocket - Megan’s fizzy lemon bath with sweet strawberry and juicy pineapple.

Pop The Cherry - Super-sweet fruity vanilla, flecked with sweet cherry.

Pop Til You Drop - Sweet and fruity lollipops, pear drops and a dollop of sugary musk.

Poseidon’s Entourage - A stunning spa scent by Lyndsey. Aromatic white lavender & wild herbs, laden with sea salt, gentle woods and musks, finishing with the tiniest splash of vanilla. If you love Sea Marine, this one is for you.

Posh Peach Tea - Sam's suggestion of Earl Grey and ripe, juicy peach juice.

Pretty Clean - Jodie’s Rosie fabric softener, clean soap and pretty pink perfume.

Pretty in Mint - Pink Sugar swirled into sweet and cool vanilla peppermint.

Princess Anna - Blackberries and vanilla with a lightly perfumed twist.

Pump Up The Jam - Ripe, bursting blackberries and strawberries and a whole load of sugar.

R.E.M. - Drift into deep sleep with rich incense, soothing lavender and a touch of vanilla cream.

Rainbow Love - Beautiful chocolate orchid, wrapped in a blanket of exotically pink, fruity musks and sweet vanilla.

Rainbow Pops - Fizzy Pops with sweet pineapples, oranges and vanilla. Really zingy!

Raspberry Apple Fizz - Nicola’s thirst-quenching raspberry lemonade with crisp, juicy apple.

Raspberry Beret- Our Signature Frilly Pink Knickers take on a raspberry twist.

Raspberry Lemonade- Ice cold lemonade with sweet juicy raspberries.

Raspberry Romance - Sweet black raspberries, a hint of vanilla and a twist of lavender. 

Raspberry Rose Lemonade - A refreshing, ice-cold lemonade embellished with crushed raspberries and soft, fragrant rose petals.

Red Velvet Lavender - Claire’s sleepytime, relaxing blend of herbal lavender, red velvet creme, golden saffron, finishing with rich amber and sugary musk.

Relle’s Rock n Rollin’ - A glorious earthy mix of Oudh, frankincense & jasmine rolling in mystical woods and musk.

Rewrite The Stars - A dreamy hit of herbal lavender, embellished with wild vanilla, a hint of strawberry and delicate violet and jasmine.

Rhian’s Caerphilly Kiss - A sweet and scrummy blend of bubbly fizzy pop, bubblegum and sweet black raspberries.

Rhubarb & Spearmint - Tangy, strong rhubarb, mellowed with cool, refreshing spearmint. Beautiful!

Rhubarb & Vanilla - Tangy rhubarb swirled into creamy vanilla, with subtle hints of marshmallow and caramel.

Rhubarb Cherry Pie - Sweet, tangy cherries and gloriously tart rhubarb come together in this dream-team combination.

Rhubarb Candy - Bubblegum, Cotton Candy and fruit drops with a piquant rhubarb hit!

Rhubarb Jelly - Sharp rhubarb cuts through a sweet and fruity raspberry and blackcurrant jelly.

Rhuborange Fizz - Tangy rhubarb and fizzy orange. A delightful sunshiney, summery blend!

Rhubarb Sherbet - Fizzy sweets with a rhubarb twang.

Rich Bitch - Wrap your senses in a luxurious blend of wispy pink silks and rich soft cashmere, the height of girly decadence.

Rockin The Sundown - Nicole’s totally lush blend of Rocking The Stars with soothing lavender and tonka.

Rosie Lee - A beautiful tea blend with soft rose petals.

Rouge Of Roses - Andrea’s gorgeously good soft, velvety rose, Baccarat rouge and sugared musk.

Ruby Rose Pyjamas - Rich and luxurious Rhubarb & Rose chunks with a fresh and clean linen overpour.

Rule The Roost - A deeply perfumed mystical blend of sandalwood & patchouli, velvet rose, musks and golden amber. For the woman who is totally in control!

Sam's Sweet Dreams - Beautiful Pink Chiffon, entwined with relaxing lavender and violet on a base of Sandalwood and White Musk.

Sandal-mOudh - A soothing blend of earthy, Indian sandalwood, rich Oudh and mellowing vanilla.

Santability - A grown-up rich & woody fragrance with dark, opulent fruits.

Sassy Rouge - A gorgeous blend of sweet and musky perfumes.

Secure The Bag - A sister of Handbags and Gladrags- sweet, feminine perfume in all of its glory.

Seductress - Musky Pink Sugar, sultry sandalwood and smooth Nag Champa.

Serenity - A calming blend of cashmere woods, gentle violets and lavender, peaceful base notes of sandalwood and incense.

Shimmer - Clean soap, pink perfume, soft petals and a snuggly hug.

Sikkim Blond - Exotic florals and iced champagne, softened with a hint of amber and sweetened, sugared musk.

Sipping Sunshine - Have a tranquil moment in the garden on a summer's day, whilst sipping peach tea and feeling a gentle warm breeze of lavender flowers.

Siren- Beware the innocent call of Sea spray, seaweed & driftwood, an alluring hint of perfume with a lurking, deep patchouli undercurrent.

Sleep Through The Storm - That feeling of waking up in the morning after a storm. Clean, fresh air, gentle florals, a twist of lavender and a gentle base of patchouli and musk.

Sleeping Beauty - Powdery and soft, feminine and lovely. Floral bouquets of lavender and violets, entwined with sandalwood, cashmere and white musk.

Sleepyhead-A magical soothing blend of lavender, chamomile, amber, vanilla, soft musk, warm woods and light spices.

Smells Like Teen Spirit - Musky male aftershave and mosh pits!

Snoring Sweeney - A relaxing blend of herbal lavender, shaving cream, hot towels, steam, soap suds, and aftershave lotions!

Snow-Sprinkled Sheets- A frosty mix of fresh linen, peppermint and strawberries.

Sonnet - A romantic blend of saffron, pimento berries, white pepper, and a lovely blend of plum, rose, patchouli, and vanilla.

Soothe Your Soul - A relaxing mystical blend, perfect for unwinding of an evening. 

Soothing Sea - Soothing chunks of herbal lavender and sweet spearmint, swimming in a salty sea.

Sour WaterLemon - Tor's blend of Lemon Sherbet and Sour Watermelon Candy. 

Spellbound - Sweet patchouli, amber and soft florals, interwoven with opulent dark fruits, sensual vanilla and powdery musks.

Spiced Cookie - A sweet, buttery cookie with a hint of cinnamon dusting. 

Stacey’s Rainy Sundown - Stacey’s sleepy Sundown and musky Pink Sugar, sweetened with a splash of Purple Rain.

Stag Do - The Obnoxious Reindeer ventures out on the town with the boys- a splash of cologne and he's ready to party.

Strawberry & Pineapple - Ripe and juicy strawberries, slices of sweet pineapple embellished with hints of cotton candy and French vanilla.

Strawberry Blackjack - Nicole’s combination of two mouthwatering favourites.

Strawberry Buttermint - Nicola’s scrumptious combination of juicy, sweet strawberries and sweet vanilla peppermint.

Strawberry Screwball - Rachael's mouth-watering blend of strawberry ice-cream with a bubblegum twist!

Strawberry Detox - Our amazing super strawberry, blended with cool cucumber slices and fresh mint leaves.

Strawberry Fields - Fresh, sweet greenery adorned with juicy, ripe, plump strawberries. The smell of summer!

Strawberry Kisses- Summery sweet strawberries and creamy vanilla. A dreamy duo!

Strawberry Jam Birthday Cake - Sweet and stick strawberry jam swirled into creamy vanilla cake.

Strawberry Laundry- Sweet, ripe and juicy strawberries on freshly laundered sheets.

Steph’s Sparkling Wishes - Stephanie’s gorgeous perfume blend of sugared musk, twinkling starfruit, golden quince, with fruity notes of juicy nectarine & blackcurrant.

Sweet Taffy Ripple - A super-sweet sugary candy and raspberry ripple scent.

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam - Sweet, sticky strawberries and tart rhubarb are the perfect combination in this jammy treat!

Strawberry Wash - A fresh and cleaner sister to our signature Strawberry Laundry.

Sugar Daddy - Courtney’s Black Sugar and Blue Sugar combo.

Sugar High - Chewy, sweet Wham Bar with sweet, juicy oranges.

Sugar Rush - Kelly's fruity-sweet blend of pear drops and sugary candy treats!

Sugar on the Side - Sultry Blonde Moment and Pink Sugar.

Summer Festival - A blend of hippy loveliness, rich earthy patchouli, incense, sandalwood, a touch of fruit and a hint of peppermint leaf.

Summer Linen- Fresh, clean linen with a coconutty twist.

Summer Rain - The smell of a garden of soft florals and subtle fruits after a warm downfall.

Summer Sundae - Imagine sitting, surrounded by flowers on a summer’s day, smothered in coconut suncream and eating an ice-cream. A sweet, creamy coconut and vanilla with hints of lavender and pink petals. Beautiful!

Sun-Dried Sheets - Clean, dry washing, just picked in from a day in the sunshine.

Sunday Girl- A stunning blend of Blonde Moment and Pink Chiffon.

Sunshine After the Rain - Clean, oceanic, salty air, mingled with sun-ripened fruits.

Sunshiny Sheets - A bright and clean laundry fragrance, with notes of sweet mangoes and apples, clean white florals, soft musks and twist of greenery.

Sweet Baby Snuggles - Soft Baby Powder, a hint of lavender and sweet parma violets. 

Sweet Lavender Musk - Amy’s beautiful sweet lavender and musky Pink Sugar.

Sweet Ruby Rose - Andrea’s gorgeous mix of vintage rose and fruity rhubarb, mellowed with sweet vanilla.

Sweet Sixteen - Sparkling perfumes, exotic orchids and a hint of vanilla on a base of chiffon musk.

Take a Chill Pill- The ultimate stress-buster, packed with essential oils to bring calm amongst the chaos.

Taking The Biscuit - Barrie’s Jammy Dodger - inspired blend of juicy raspberry jam and sweet, crumbly biscuit.

Tammy's Tantra - A zen-like blend of Sweetened Sandalwood, Chocolate Orchid and Nag Champa. Utterly beautiful!

Tangtastic - Perfect for a sweetie addict! Mouthwatering blue raspberries, tangy rhubarb and sweet bubblegum.

Thomas’s Fangtastic - Thomas has taken his Tango Twist and given it a cheeky bubblegum hit. This is a totally fruity, sweetie delight!

Thomas’s Loopy Lockdown - The mini man’s choice of sweet strawberry, zesty lime and sugary Fruit Loops!

Thomas's Tango Twist - A citrus blast of juicy limes, sugared lemon and sweet fizzy orange! The blend was chosen by our very own mini Scentsible person!

Thomas’s Toxic Cloud - Created by the mini mastermind himself, a lime-spiked cotton candy blend, with hints of strawberry, a ton of sugar and a twist of vanilla.

Thomas’s Trick or Treat - Fruity, sweet and really bad for your teeth!

Tickle Me Pink - Alison’s girly blend of pink perfumes and Tokyo Milk.

Tinkerbell’s Hen Do - Tinkerbell is getting married! What better way to celebrate than dress us, blast yourself in sweet, musky perfume and hit the town!

Toffee Apple Birthday Cake - Sticky, caramelised toffee apple with a sweet, vanilla base.

Tokyo Dreams - Claire’s stunning mix of Tokyo Milk, swirled with red velvet cream, sugary musk and wild strawberries. Beautiful!

Tokyo Princess - Pretty pink and white perfumes.

Toothache - Chewy, sugary and hard-boiled sweets. So sweet, it’ll make your teeth hurt!

Total Eclipse - Chunky black sugar, smothered with soothing lavender, tonka and ylang ylang.

Turkish Temptress - Sweet black raspberries, Turkish rose and smooth vanilla. 

Tutti Frutti Ice Cream - Creamy vanilla with sugary, fruit candies.

Tweenage Dirtbag - Quite the opposite of the name, red velvet cream, whipped chiffon musk and sweet cotton candy make this a sugary perfumed heaven.

Twilight Ripple - A sleepy, salty- sea blend, sweetened with soft marshmallow.

Twisting My Melon, Man - Juicy, sweet melon with a citrus twist.

Vampire Sex On The Beach - Forget cocktails! This is Lisa's ultra-sexy blend of Eric, salty ocean air, sea spray, driftwood and herbal lavender. Our favourite vampire is getting naughty in the dunes!

Vanilla Dane Noël - Cosy & warm Hot Orange Danish, mellowed with creamy vanilla.

Vanilla Sky - Cotton candy clouds, blue sky and a touch of vanilla to make this a super sweet delight.

Vanilla Summer- Nicola's Coconut Milk & Lavender chunks with a vanilla overpour. Smells like a sweet, summery suncream! 

Velvet Pyjamas - Our beautiful Pajamarama is sweetened with rich red velvet creme, sugared musk and wild strawberries.

Velvet Rose - Nicola’s pretty mix of vintage rose, sweet red velvet cream and a splash of raspberry.

Violet Faeries - Our stunning Snow Faerie with sweet Parma Violet.

Violet Ice - A cool night breeze, kissed by gentle sweet violet.

Waterberry Quencher - Nicola's refreshing and fruity crush!

Waterfalls - A cool, Mediterranean waterfall, framed by olive trees, cyclamen and earthy vetiver.

Welcome To The Darkside - A masculine Black Sugar blend, enhanced with bergamot, green apple and lavender.

Wham Bam - Rhian’s sweet shop blend of creamy Wham Bar, pear drops and bubbly fizzy pop.

Wibeke Wizardry - Vintage rose and herbal lavender entwined with a mystical incense and earthy patchouli.

Wish I Was Minted - Linzie’s 1000 Wishes and sweet, cool spearmint.

Wish You Were Here! - Kate’s dreamy seaside blend of salty sea, clean laundry and Thousand Wishes.

Yōsei - A Japanese magical creature; Tokyo Milk and faerie magic!

Zest For Life - Bright and zingy lemons, tart rhubarb and mouth-watering pineapples.

Zingzilla - A zingy mash up of Pink Lemonade, Rhubarb & Lemon.