4oz Chubs
4oz Chubs
4oz Chubs
4oz Chubs
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40z Chubs

Double the size of a scent shot. For those of you who want a little bit more of that gorgeous blend! These are all fragrances EXCLUSIVE to S&S.

We keep these in stock on a rolling basis, largely influenced by custom orders. 

1000 Rules - Anita’s blend of sparkling champagne, crystal peonies & almond crème, rounded with earthy patchouli and warm sandalwood.

A Dream is a Wish - A dream come true of pink perfumes and soft petals, adorned with twinkling stars and a hint of herbal lavender.

A Touch Of Class - An utterly indulgent mystical blend of heady florals, deep fruits, aromatic woods and musks.

Ahhh-May’s - Emma’s soothing Brown Sugar & Fig chunks, drizzled with Chocolate Orchid.

Alexis's Pineapple Kisses- Our signature Strawberry Kisses blended with Iced Pineapple. Sweet, fruity and delicious!

Ali Jayne's Blissful Boudoir - Exotic orchids and coconut milk, pink petals and whipped chiffon musk on a bed of Warm Vanilla Sugar.

Ali Jayne’s Dreamy Delight - A romantic and perfumed delight of vintage pink petals, whipped vanilla and soothing sandalwood.

Ali Jayne’s Sweet Baby Petals - Vanilla Orchids, sweet vanilla and a dusting of Baby Powder. This is so pretty!

Alice Álainn - Beautiful Alice’s creation of soft, pink petals, sparkling bergamot and sweet orange, dressed in golden honey nectar and white musk.

Alien Adventure - A rich floral woody amber fragrance containing jasmine sambac, cashmeran wood and white amber with a confident, masculine note of birch and juniper and the darkness of patchouli.

Alise’s Be Happy - Glorious chunks of Tokyo Milk and fabric softener, drizzled in sweet perfume.

Amelia - Sweet and sharp Rainbow Sherbet, sugary crystals, sweet red fruits, raspberry mashed up with freshly-spun cotton candy.

Anna’s Secret Snack - Juicy blackberries whirled into creamy vanilla marshmallows and a cheeky drizzle of caramel.

Apple Refresher - Our signature Refresher Bar with an apple candy overpour.

Apple Rhubarb Crumble & Ice Cream - A total comfort scent- Warm, sweet apples, tart rhubarb on buttery crumble with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Baby Dove - A soothing blend of clean Dove soap and soft Baby Powder.

Baby Dragons - Fresh out of the bath dragons, with a sprinkling of baby powder.

Baby Dragon’s Nap Time - Our signature Dreamy Pink Dragons with soft Baby Powder. 

Baby Love - Soft Baby Powder and pretty pink petals.

Baby Pink - Simply Pink Sugar and Baby Powder

Baby Shower - Our Pink Fluffy Towels take on a baby powder twist. Soothing and oh so snuggly!

Baby Snuggles - Soft, Snuggable chunks, with a Baby Powder overpour.

Bad Santa - Spicy pink peppercorns, rich pomegranates, plums and frankincense, dusted with snowy vanilla peppermint.

Ballerina - Soft, pink petals and a herbal lavender twist.

Ballet Slipper - Soothing sweet vanilla orchids and exotic fruit pirouetting around an Indian sandalwood and chiffon musk base.

Banana Birthday - Sweet, vanillary birthday cake blended with ripe banana.

Bee Kind - Nicola’s stunning blend of sun-kissed honey, ripened berries, and green apple, infused with gentle French lavender.

Beautiful Blunder - Barrie's accidental blend of exotic figs and cassis, leafy olive branches and heady lavender, softened with Egyptian musk and a touch of vanilla.

Berry Blonde Towels - A fruity Fluffy Towels blend, with sweet berries, champagne and vanilla.

Berry Crumble & Ice Cream - Ripe blackberries and juicy strawberries, with notes of buttery sweet crumble and a dollop of vanilla ice-cream.

Birthday Girl - Juicy strawberries and sweet marshmallow frosting smothered over a fluffy vanilla cake. 

Birthday Party - A mash-up of sugary lollipops and sweet vanilla cake.

Bite Me, Blondie! - Blonde Moment chunks with a Cherry Cola overpour.

Black Beauty - A black and glossy nag champa blend.

Black Jack - Similar in scent to Black Jack sweets.

Blissful Slumber - Blissful Slumber- Everything you need to take you off into dreamland. Sweet orange, lavender and chamomile, floating on golden amber, vanilla, soft musk, woodsy patchouli and incense.

Blue Raspberry Ripple - Where the slushie meets the ice-cream! Sweet, sugary and oh so scrummy!

Blue Rinse- Soft sweet olive and leafy green shampoo, rinsed away with soft musk, exotic woods, patchouli and vanilla.

Bonnie Bedding - Our Signature Duvet Day blend, wrapped in sweet perfume.

Bonnie Lassie - Sweet, pink and white perfumes, with a touch of musk. Sweet and feminine.

Bonnie Pink Patchouli - Girly perfumes, soft vanilla and a touch of patchouli.

Bonnie Summer - Barrie’s blend of sweet fruits, a twist of bubblegum and hints of caramel, vanilla and candy floss.

Bora Bora - Sweet pineapple, acai berry, mango zest, tart passion fruit, yuzu zest, green apple, orchid leaves, and musky nuances.

Boudoir Bedding - Clean Cotton sheets, laced with pink perfumes and vanilla.

Bounty Hunter - A freshy and woody aftershave with a lashings of creamy coconut milk.

Breakfast at Tiffany's - A fluffy, light blueberry and lemon muffin. Not too cakey, but a great start to the day!

Bubble Yum! - A mouthwatering mash-up of sweet raspberries, pear drops and bubblegum.

Bubblegum Cotton Candy - Our super-strong bubblegum and cotton candy scents, merged into a gorgeous bubbly-sweet blend.

Bubblegum Marshmallow - Big fluffy marshmallows blended with luscious creamy cake batter, swirled amidst sweet, juicy childhood bubblegum.

Bunny Kisses - Nicola’s blend of soft baby powder, mingled with cream soda, sweet citrus, bubblegum and watermelon.

Champagne Ghost - A fruity sweet champagne, haunted with  rose, jasmine, white flowers,  apricot, vanilla and amber.

Champagne Supernova - A fizzy, iced champagne with an explosion of red berries, balanced delicate jasmine and violet.

Cheeky Vimto - a shake up of blue raspberries and forest fruits, poured over crushed ice.

Cherry Bakewell Sugar Cookie - A cherry-almondy biscuit.

Cherry Berry Cola Twist - Sweet cherry berry cola, studded with zesty-sweet lime and vanilla.

Cheryl’s Starlit Sea (Limited) A lightly salted fresh sea breeze, studded with sparkling floral notes of ylang ylang and tuberose underpinned with gentle musk and light patchouli.

Chocolate Orange Gingerbread - Warmly spiced gingerbread with hints of cocoa and sweet orange.

Christine - A special blend for Lisa’s birthday. An innocent floral perfume blend. 

Cinderella - Poor Cinders, scrubbing and cleaning all day. Naturally she smells of laundry and feminine loveliness!

Clairey Faerie - Claire's custom blend of Snow Faerie and sweet, fruity loveliness.

Clean Cotton- (YC type) A fresh clean fragrance oil with the perfect balance of citrus, powders and woods.

Clueless - Jacqueline’s gorgeous girly blend of creamy coconut milk, dreamy lavender, soft, fluffy towels and deep, musky perfume.

Cocoberry Faerie - Fiona's blend of Coconut, Raspberry and Snow Faerie (It's also a place in Scotland, apparently!)

Colette’s Chiffon Dreams - Colette’s beautiful blend of pink perfumed petals, lavender, clean washing, sweetened with a touch of vanilla.

Colette’s Strawberry Suds - Chunks of Island Fresh Gain blanketed with our signature Strawberry Kisses.

Cool Pink - Musky Pink Sugar with cool eucalyptus and spearmint.

Cool Towels - Fluffy Towels, livened up with a cool mint leaves and a hint of white tea.

Cosy Round The Fire - A real cosy down blend of a log cabin fireplace - warming and comforting spices, musky woods and a little sweetness for comfort.

Cosy Up- The perfect snuggle up scent! Fruity and fun pink sugar, balanced beautifully with cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg on a spicy vanilla background.

Cotton-Picking Candy - Barrie’s blend of sweet, sugary cotton candy with a loopy mash of oranges, lemons, limes and sweet berries.

Cuddly Dragons- Karen's choice of Fluffy Pink Dragons and dreamy Lavender.

Cwtching By The Fire - Snuggly hugs of gentle fruits, lavender & chamomile, warmed by musks, woods and warming spices.

Damsel’s Detergent - A dreamy concoction of oceany laundered chunks, blanketed with Damson Plum, Rose & Patchouli.

Damsel In Distress - Mystical and rich, with crisp, masculine notes.

Damson Plum, Rose & Patchouli - Opulent fruity notes of plum, cassis and rich dark berries indulged in decadent spices of cinnamon and clove. Glamorous floral accords of jasmine and rose are surrounded by sweet patchouli, sensual vanilla and moss to complete this sophisticated fragrance.

Daphne - Rich rose with a pink coconutty twist and hints of birthday cake.

Dark Faerie - When faeries go bad. Lingering sweetness taken over by deep, dark fruits, patchouli and sandalwood.

Dark Steel - Woody blonde tobacco, rich amber honey and bright Steel Sugar. Incredibly sexy!

Dark Sugar - Rich and deep chunks of Black Sugar with a Dark Honey & Tobacco overpour.

Dark Times - Unearthed, unrooted, deep from the mystical realms of the Baza.

Date Night - Clare's favourite combination of fragrance- Pink Chiffon and Vanilla Bean Noël.

Deathly Dragons - Sinister green chunks of Dragon's Blood, oozing with dark and deadly Death Eater.

Dee’s Sandy Pants - A spa-like ocean blend.

Dee’s Skinny Dip - Deep, oceanic florals, a salty breeze and a whiff of pretty perfume.

Dee’s Slingback Slipper -A sweet & sassy perfume.

Dee’s Soothing Sleep - A relaxing aroma of herbal lavender, sandalwood and patchouli, on a base of velvet creme sugary musk.

Delilah - A mash up of strong, sugary cotton candy and sweet chews with hints of bubblegum and juicy fruits.

Delilah’s Dream - Sam’s dreamy blend of sweet Snow Faerie, Iced Champagne, pink petals and whipped chiffon vanilla.

Denis Denis - Pineapple Split Chunks with a Blonde Moment overpour.

Dothraki- The scent of Khal Drogo, for all those Game of Thrones fans! Earthy patchouli, amber and sandalwood, with deep vanilla, exotic musk, coconut milk and fig leaves. Deep, brooding and sensual, just like a Dothraki warlord should be!

Dozy Damsel - Claire's dreamy blend of herbal lavender, rich damson plum, soft rose petals and earthy patchouli.

Dragons Wash - chunks of Gain with Dragons Blood overpour.

Dreamboat- Make a thousand wishes whilst drifting on a marine tide, embellished with lavender and cotton.

Dreamcatcher Dragon - If your dragons have been restless at night and sluggish during the day, a Dreamcatcher Dragon may be just what you need. Rich amber and Asian florals intertwined with heady sandalwood, French lavender and aromatic violets with creamy notes of cashmere, vanilla and white musk.

Dreamy Pink Dragons - Our exclusive Fluffy Pink Dragons, topped with dreamy Purple Sandalwood.

Dressing Gown - A snuggle down blend of Fluffy Towels and herbal lavender.

Duchess - Excessively indulgent, deep perfumed jewels of rose, jasmine and apricot draped in a robe of red velvet cream and musk.

Duvet Day - Barrie's blend of fresh, clean sheets, dusted with blossoms, soft petals, tonka bean and oriental woods.

Eau so minty! - Fresh and cool mint leaves with a cascade of lemon verbena, lemongrass, pink peonies on a bed of indulgent incense.

Elsa’s Frozen Bath - Chelsea’s cool, clean and zingy.

Elsa’s Frozen Fruit Punch - Frozen berries, sliced oranges and a hint of cinnamon.

Elsa’s Undies - Frosty, sweet peppermint and clean laundry.

Enchantress - A slowly seductive blend of sandalwood, deeply ripened fruits, exotic patchouli and warming vanilla. This blend will intoxicate you with it's soft charms.

Energising Bath - Nicola's blend of zesty lemongrass bath with fresh peppermint.

Escape - If you like Pina Coladas….with a lime twist!

Faerie Cakes - Sweet and fluffy vanilla cake with sugary pear drops and candyfloss.

Faerie Fizz - Alise’s blend of sweet Snow Faerie with a large serving of bubbly, fruity fizz!

Faerie Jelly - Fiona's blend of Snow faerie and rich, candied blackcurranty loveliness.

Faerie Smoothie - Fruity, sweet layers of strawberry, banana and Snow Faerie.

Faerie Wings - Clean, Dove soap blended with bubblegum, pear drops and ultra-sweet cotton candy.

Fairy Bath- Snow Faerie takes an avocado and lemongrass bath.

Fanta Sheets - Claire's blend of dreamy detergent with a fizzy orange twist.

Femme Fatale - Seductive and mysterious with ensnaring charms.

Field of Dreams - Zara's blend of clean, green florals and a touch of laundry, softened with a little creamy vanilla, frankincense and woody note.

Fierce Dragon - Bright masculine notes, soothing into deep earthy Amber and Sandalwood with hints of Musk, Vanilla & Vetiver.

Fierce Goth - Scarlet Goth with musky cologne- hints of vetiver, amber, lavender,  oakmoss and green leaves.

Figging Fabulous- black cherries, ripe and juicy figs with a gorgeously sweet and fluffy marshmallow.

Fiona's Fluffy-Headed Pink Candy Cane Cupcakes - all the sugary treats as only Fiona could request!

Fire-Breathing Dragon - A warm, earthy blend, jam-packed with rich resin, wonderful woods and gently spiced sweet florals. 

Flirtatious - Innocent vanilla interlaced with oriental petals, tonka bean and exotic woods.

Fluffy Pink Dragons- Dragon's blood wrapped in cuddly pink fluffiness. Sweet, earthy and totally mysterious.

Fluffy Pink Sherbet- Juicy bubblegum, cotton candy, juicy apples and pears blended together with sugared candy lemon drops meshed with crushed Madagascar vanilla on a base of crisp, clean mandarin oranges.

Foxy Stoat - Jaime Lannister takes a walk through the woods. A clean, fresh aftershave, with woody accords, herbal notes and underlying sensual amber.

Freshly Bathed Baby - Clean soap, a dusting of powder and a hint of sleepy lavender.

Frilly Pink Knickers- Pink Sugar and Fresh Linen take an innocent little scent and give it a saucy twist!

Frolicking Faerie - Sweet Snow Faerie with a sugar plum twist.

Frozen Faerie - Snow Faerie chunks, enveloped in crushed peppermint & spearmint leaves and a breath of white tea.

Fruity Fairings - Chunky gingerbread biscuit drizzled with sweet blackberries, juicy apple and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

Fruity Love - Nicola's blend of Love Spell, Strawberry and Orange. 

Fruity Mama - Zingy hot pink lime and sweet tropical watermelon- one for the summer!

F***ing Lush - Nikki’s LUSHious blend of Sultana and Olive Branch.

FUBAR - A muddle of autumnal fruits and spices, intertwined with rich florals, dusted with sweet patchouli and vanilla.

Fun at the Fair - A soft, fluffy bag of candy floss and a bubblegum ice cream, washed down with a Slush Puppy!

Gentle Hugs - Coconut Milk, Vanilla Orchids and White Musk, mingled with soft laundry. Totally beautiful.

Get Fruity 'n' Clean - Rich blackberries and lemonade blended with beautiful laundries.

Get Fruity 'n' Fresh - Bright, tropical fruits and dreamy laundry.

Gingerbread Caramel Macchiato - Rich gingerbread chunks, drizzled with caramel coffee.

Gingerbread Mama - When Mama’s been baking! Our bestselling gingerbread, mellowed with pink, musky-sweet perfume. It shouldn’t work, but it does!

Goldilocks - Sweet and innocent vanilla with decadent porridgy undertones.

Gorgeous Girlie - Claire’'s stunning blend of pink perfumes, serendipity and strawberries.

Gracious Grace - Rich, sweet cherry, fizzy lime and hint of soft florals and powdery musk.

Grape Wash - Gain chunks with a sweet and sour grape overpour.

Grizzly Ghouls - Zesty green slime, oozing with zingy fruits and a little sweetness.

Hades - A blend fitting for the god of the Underworld. Chunky Blue Sugar, drizzled with Black Jack.

Hallie’s Blackberry Laundry - Super-clean laundry, mingled with plump blackberries

Hallie’s Blackberry Wash - Juicy, ripe blackberries with oceany-fresh fabric softener.

Handbags & Gladrags - A perfumed delight of sparkling sugar and a touch of Champagne, flecked with coconut, vanilla, tonka and sandalwood, then dressed up to the nines with soft petals, almond cream and velvet musk.

Handmaiden- Clean, soapy and fresh, with a pink sugar naughtiness.

Has He Been? - That feeling of waking up on Christmas morning with brand new pjs and discovering that Santa has paid a visit!

Have A Bath - Similar in Style & Identity to Avobath. Zesty lemongrass & lime combine to make a wonderfully zingy scent.

Having A Laugh - Our Have A Bath fragrance takes on a sweet twist, with pear drops and sugary lollipops.

Hawaiian Passion - Rich and juicy strawberries crushed with tropical fruits, vanilla rum and coconut.

Hazy Dragons - We would have called this nagging dragons, due to it being requested so vigorously, but as we already have it as a blend, this beast of a scent, suggested by Anita, is a stunning mix of Lavender Haze and mystical Dragon’s Blood.

'Her' - Rich-ripened strawberries with cotton candy and French vanilla on a bed of fresh cut roses, white musk and amber.

Holly Hobbie - Nicola's beautifully girly blend of sweet strawberry, island flowers and chiffon musk.

Honey, I Love You - Beautiful chocolate orchids, smothered with sweet fruits, honey nectar and soft, white musk.

House Of Ill Repute - Fluffy towels with a seductive perfumey twist.

Incensed Damsel - Rozanna’s blend of Damson Plum, Rose & Patchouli with rich incense.

Incensed Faerie - Sweet and bubbly Snow Faerie intertwined with classic Nag Champa.

Incensed Nag - Relaxing incensy loveliness.

Insidious - Quietly tempting into a false sense of security. Seductive fruit nectar, sweet honey, tonka and lavender with a lingering undertone of woods and tobacco leaf.

Interstellar -  Super-dark Black Sugar chunks, blanketed in dreamy Rocking The Stars.

Jane’s Sundown Shenanigans - A dreamy girly blend, with earthy, sleepy notes and sugary musk.

Kama Sutra *AKA Karen's Pink Incense - a heady and sensual blend of Pink Sugar and rich, deep incense.

Khaleesi - A beautiful feminine blend of exotic figs and cassis with true Egyptian Musk. 

Kara- Young and fun! Sweet, gooey marshmallow, pink bubblegum, frosted vanilla cake and a sassy dash of pink sugary musk.

Keep ‘Em Sweet - When the other half comes home with flowers, fizz and something sweet you’re instantly suspicious!

Kick- Back & Chill - A beautiful blend of soothing sandalwoods, violets, musk and lavender with Pomegranate Noir. Absolutely stunning!

Kīlauea - Rich Black Sugar, sea salt, tropical hibiscus and coconut water. Beautiful!

Kimono - Sweet Tokyo milk, embellished with gentle sweetpea, lavender & freesia.

Ladies in Lavender - Gently perfumed orchids, dressed in lavender.

Lady Barber - Shaving foam, hot towels and aftershave with a feminine touch.

Lavender Birthday Chiffon - Rachael's custom blend of Pink Chiffon and vanilla Birthday Cake, swirled with herbal lavender.

Lady of the Night- Karen's blend of our magnificent Oudh, Incense and Black Sugar.

Lara’s Sugar Fix - Sugary, sweet, warm and musky. Just delicious!

Lavender Laundry - Our fabulous herbal lavender on freshly washed laundry.

Lavender Patchouli - Alison's blend of herbal lavender and deep, earthy patchouli.

Lavender Pink Sugar - A beautiful blend, suggested by Kelly, of our authentic Pink Sugar and herbal lavender.

Lavender Rules! - Our authentic Lavender Haze with earthy MissRule.

Lavender Shortbread- Sweet, sugary shortbread, with flecks of beautiful lavender.

Lavender Wish - Pretty perfume and a swirl of lavender. Girly and romantic.

Lazy Dragons - The dragons have run out of steam and can’t even muster a fire-breath! So they pop on their onesies and have a day of rest.

Lazy Laundry- A dreamy blend of gain laundry, figs, coconut and musk.

Lemon & Rose - Zesty, creamy lemons and fresh cut roses with base notes of white musk and amber.

Lemon Curd Birthday - A mouth-watering lemon curd drizzled over creamy chunks of Birthday Cake.

Lemon Laundry - Clean detergent with a citrus zing.

Lemony Bath - Tor's blend of Have a Bath and Lemon Sherbet.

Lemony Fluffy Flump- One of our original and bestselling blends! Tart lemon with melty marshmallow and sugary sweet fluffiness!

Lemon Shortbread - Creamy vanilla shortbread flecked with zesty, sugary lemon.

Let Them Eat Sugar - Emma’s Tokyo Milk vs Pink Sugar

Lime Refresher - Our signature Refresher Bar with a lime overpour.

Liquid Luck - Sweet and tart lemons in a shroud of sweet cherry, oranges, vanilla and a tiny hint of coconut.

Limoncherro - A sweet and zesty sugary lemon poured over rich, black cherries

Lisa’s Birthday Bouquet - A celebration of richly perfumed flowers - Jasmine, Rose, Orchid and Freesia with flecks of lavender.

Lock Up Your Wives - Zara's blend of sumptuous Tobacco Leaf and deep spices, accented with citrus, Tobacco Flower, rosemary, vetiver and soft florals, bedded with a rich vanilla, Tonka Bean, amber, oakmoss and white musk.

Lollies & Linen - Creamy vanilla ice-cream, topped with beautiful Magnolia & Orange Blossom fabric softener. Sounds bonkers, smells beautiful!

Loopy Faerie - A loopy mash-up of juicy fruits, bubblegum, pear drops and candy floss.

Louise's Dance Floor Dress - Beautiful girly Pink Chiffon and Gain mixed with a stunning Flowerbomb.

Louise’s Look Of Love - Fluffy Towels, pink petals and whipped chiffon musk, with a touch of Black Sugar.

Louise’s Lullaby - Oh so relaxing coconut milk, vanilla a hint of patchouli and soft lavender.

Love Is Love - All things love are poured into this beautiful blend of ripened berries, exotic sweet florals and a sensual base of amber and Madagascan vanilla.

Lovely Lucy - In honour of Barrie’s daughter, Lucy. Sweet red fruits with hints of orange and coconut mashed in lemonade and topped with spun sugar cotton candy.

Lucky Dragons- Rich, mysterious Dragon's Blood with sweet Serendipity. Beautiful!

Lucky Lavender - Sweet cherries, a splash of orange and a twist of coconut entwined with soft lavender.

Lucky Pops - A sweet mash of zingy fizzy pops with sweet cherry, orange, vanilla and a hint of coconut.

Lullaby - Alison's dreamy blend of Nag Champa and Lavender.

Luscious Wash - Our signature Lush blend, poured over chunky Gain Island Fresh.

Lynsey’s Tokyo Nights - A soothing, sweet and musky lavender twist on Let Them Eat Cake.

Magic Faerie - Snow Faerie with notes of magical fruits and petals on a base of Nubian Musk.

Magic Wand Bag - Newly purchased from Ollivander's, a clean yet mysterious blend of herbs, woods and citrus.

Maleficent - Nicola’s blend of our signature Faerie Jelly with a Black Jack overpour. 

Man Cave - Alison's masculine blend of aftershave, fresh laundry and a touch of patchouli.

Maria - Sweet Passionfruit with a Blonde Moment overpour. 

Marie Antoinette - ‘Let Them Eat Cake,’ she said. Sweet sugared coconut milk, vanilla orchids, white musk and a twist of herbal lavender.

Marshmallow Hommécide - Toasted marshmallow, smouldering woods and a twist of homicidal maniac.

Mermaid Island - A stunning selection of tropical fruits and exotic petals, floating along a tide of oceany aromas.

Midnight Hour - Mysterious Sandalwood and incense intermingled with Amber, Myrrh and Patchouli.

Midnight Peppermint - Cooling, fresh peppermint leaves, a drop of herbal Eucalyptus with a touch of sweet zing for balance.

Minion Madness - layers of super-sweet bubblegum and banana.

Minnie's Haberdashery - An old world cabin where dark things happen. Old leather, fresh tobacco and juniper, hints of herby florals amidst woodsy vetiver, cedarwood and mahogany.

Monsoon - a sweet and sassy pink sugar wrapped in blackcurranty comfort blanket.

Morning Break - Rich Colombian coffee, served with a sweet, buttery biscuit.

Moudhy Man - Barrie’s blend of clean aftershave a hint of moody Oudh.

Mulberry & Thyme - Reminiscent of the fragrance of the same name in the Molton Brown range with similar notes. A fresh calming floral accord with notes of refreshing green tea, citrus nuances and hints of anise followed by rosemary, mimosa and white jasmine, resting on a background of musk and amber.

Nagging Bird - Clean white soap, soothing incense and musky pink perfume.

Nagging Dragons - Quite simply Nag Champa & Dragon’s Blood. Stunning.

Nagging Girlfriend -Rozanna’s beautiful blend of Nag Champa and musky pink perfume.

Nagging Mistress - Our signature Nagging Wife over Black Sugar chunks.

Nagging Wife - Nag Champa with an edge of pink sugary musk and a calm-you-pants twist of lavender.

Nicola’s Chiffon Kiss - Soft Pink Chiffon chunks, drizzled with seductive black raspberry, burgundy rose & dark vanilla bean.

Noel’s Gingerbread S’Mores - No chocolate in this warm marshmallowy treat, encased in gingerbread biscuits and a drizzle of vanilla caramel.

Noel’s Lime in the Coconut - A mellow blend of creamy vanilla, coconut and zesty lime.

Noel Rules in Pink - Nicola’s blend of Pink Sugar, MissRule & Vanilla.

Noel’s Sweet Mint - Nicola’s blend of Spearmint nuggets in a blanket of vanilla.

Not To Be Sniffed At - Jacqueline’s breezy mix of herbal bubble bath and sinus-soothing vaporub.

Nymphadora Tonks - French lavender, sun-kissed honey, sweet berries and Tonka Bean, studded with exotic chocolate orchids.

Ocean Breeze - Marine florals combined with crisp, clean air.

Olaf’s Warm Hugs - He may be a snowman, but his heart is warm. Warm Vanilla Sugar with aromatic spice, woods and musk, with a hint of fresh pine.

Ophelia - A blue raspberry screwball ice-cream, served with a dollop of birthday cake!

Orange and Pineapple - Quite simply sweet and super- fruity orange and pineapple.

Orange Beach - Named after a beach in Alabama where locals attempted to grow oranges, satsumas and grapefruit on the shores. A stunning clean blend of crisp mandarin orange, with tangy green notes, sea salt and ozone.

Orange Birthday - Clean, crisp mandarin orange and creamy, white birthday cake.

Oranges and Lemons - Sweet and tangy orange with sharp and sugary lemon.

Orange Fluffy Towels - Our best-selling Fluffy Towels, with a bright orange twist.

Orange You Calm - A soothing overlay of dreamy sweet vanilla & earthy sandalwood, flecked with uplifting sweet orange.

Orange You Cool - An incredibly cool, uplifting blend of sweet orange, spearmint & eucalyptus.

Orange You Lovely! - Frozen, sweet chunks of orange, topped with Love Spell.

Orange You Sweet! - A sugary-sweet blend with an orangey hit.

Over the rainbow - A dreamy blend of star fruit, cotton candy, velvety sugar, soft florals and powdery musk.

Pam - Eric's stunningly beautiful progeny, full of lethal charm and somewhat of a sociopath. Her previously life as a madam left her with a flirty scent of purple passionfruit, vanilla orchids, peonies and Tuscan grapes.

Pampered Plums - Clean, creamy soap suds with rich, fruity plums, deep florals and enduring notes of patchouli and musk

Parklife - Take a walk through freshly cut grass, vanilla orchids and pink petals. Strictly no pigeons.

Peachy Clean - Claire's gorgeous mix of fresh peaches and vanilla on a laundry base.

Pear & Freesia - Similar in Style & identity to a Jo Malone perfume; fresh, juicy pears, with gorgeous summer flowering freesia.

Peaty’s Pamper - Jodie’s beautiful blend of snuggly laundry, pink perfumes and chocolate orchid.

Peppermint Chillout - Our gorgeous creamy, sweet peppermint with strong, herbal lavender. One to clear the sinuses and calm the senses.

Peppermint Noel - Chunk of strong peppermint with a Vanilla Bean Noel overpour.

Phantom - A special blend for Lisa’s birthday. Smooth aftershave with light floral notes. Dreamy and elusive. 

Philippa’s Beach Towel - Swaying oceanic breeze, a sprinkling of sea salt with gentle floral notes of violet, lavender and gardenia laundry.

Phuket, Let's Go! - Fly away to an exotic island with this dreamy blend of coconuts, Thai lime and mango. Gorgeous!

Pina Colada - Fresh, juicy pineapple, coconut and rum, blended together to make a classic cocktail.

Pineapple Pop - Barrie’s Bubblegum and Pineapple mash-up.

Pink & Blue Laundry - Musky, sweet and heady his and hers perfumes mingled with a dreamy detergent.

Pink Candy Kisses - Sweet strawberry, candy floss, with hints of lemon drops and raspberry on a seductive base of musks.

Pink Fluffy Towels - Fresh scent of clean towels with notes of lemon, apple, lavender and lily, perfumed with a sweet and musky base.

Pink Island Towels - Colette's beautiful blend of Pink Sugar and Fluffy Towels on a dreamy detergent base.

Pink Kiss - Sweet spearmint chunks, dressed in pink sugary loveliness.

Pink Ladies Rule the School!- Bubblegum, pink fruits and a whole lot of attitude!

Pink Laundry- Musky and sweet Pink Sugar perfume on a laundry base.

Pink Lavender Haze - Strong lavender, hints of eucalyptus and lashings of Pink Sugar.

Pink Lavender Patchouli - Herbal lavender & earthy patchouli, sweetened with musky Pink Sugar.

Pink Paradise - Anita’s Tropical Bora Bora with a Pink Sugar twist

Pink Parma Violet - Musky, sweet Pink Sugar and powdery Parma Violet.

Pink Peppermint - Simply Pink Sugar and peppermint. Sweet and cool

Pink Peppermint Dreams - Nicola’s chunky Lavender Haze enveloped in  sweet pink peppermint.

Pink Peppermint Fluff - Rachael's blend of cool peppermint with a Pink Sugar Cotton Candy over pour.

Pink Pixie - Cheeky Pink Sugar chunks, blanketed with white fairy washing powder.

Pink Pops - A sugary, creamy berry fizzy pops blend.

Pink Pyjamas - Our best-selling Pajamamara turns pink!

Pink Sandalwood Sugar - Sweet cotton candy and lemon drops, caramel and raspberry intermingled with rich vanilla and earthy Indian Sandalwood.

Pink Sugar (Aquolina type) A fruity blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam on a dry down of musks.

Pink Vanilla Spearmint - Kelly's blend of sweet & musky Pink Sugar, creamy vanilla and cool spearmint.

Pink Velvet - Sugary musk, velvet cream, richly perfumed and totally indulgent.

Pinky & Perky - Lots of pink - musky and sweet.

Pirates & Petals - Oceanic sea salt with fresh, tangy ozone enveloped in sweet cherry blossom and mimosa flower petals. This is stunning blend!

Pomegranate Noir (Jo Malone type) A stunning sexy blend of pomegranates, raspberries, plums and pink peppercorns, with frankincense, patchouli and spicy dark woods.

Pop The Cherry - Super-sweet fruity vanilla, flecked with sweet cherry.

Pop Til You Drop - Sweet and fruity lollipops, pear drops and a dollop of sugary musk.

Pop’s Diner -Jacqueline’s layers of juicy strawberry, sweet banana milkshake and creamy vanilla ice-cream.

Posh Peach Tea - Sam's suggestion of Earl Grey and ripe, juicy peach juice.

Pretty in Mint - Pink Sugar swirled into sweet and cool vanilla peppermint.

Princess Anna - Blackberries and vanilla with a lightly perfumed twist.

Pump Up The Jam - Ripe, bursting blackberries and strawberries and a whole load of sugar.

R.E.M. - Drift into deep sleep with rich incense, soothing lavender and a touch of vanilla cream.

Rachel's Laundry Chillout- A winning combination, designed by the lovely Rachel- Gain Laundry, Pink Sugar and Lavender. Simply stunning!

Rainbow Date - Our Signature Rainbow Love with a Date Night overpour.

Rainbow Dragons - Perfumed, sweet orchids and whipped chiffon with notes of amber, vanilla and sandalwood.

Rainbow Love - Beautiful chocolate orchid, wrapped in a blanket of exotically pink, fruity musks and sweet vanilla.

Rainbow Pops - Fizzy Pops with sweet pineapples, oranges and vanilla. Really zingy!

Raspberry Beret- Our Signature Frilly Pink Knickers take on a raspberry twist.

Raspberry Lemon Fizz - Chunky fizzy lemon, drizzled with ice-cold Raspberry Lemonade.

Raspberry Lemonade- Ice cold lemonade with sweet juicy raspberries.

Raspberry Mojito- Classic lime, sugar, mint leaves and rum on top of ice cold lemonade with sweet juicy raspberries.

Raspberry Romance - Sweet black raspberries, a hint of vanilla and a twist of lavender. 

Raspberry Rose Lemonade - A refreshing, ice-cold lemonade embellished with crushed raspberries and soft, fragrant rose petals.

Refresher Bar- raspberry, limes and orange. Mouthwateringly delicious!

Relle’s Rock n Rollin’ - A glorious earthy mix of Oudh, frankincense & jasmine rolling in mystical woods and musk.

Remembrall - A large marble-size glass ball that contains smoke which turns red when the owner has forgotten something. The smoke has a beautifully nostalgic fragrance of amber, sweet patchouli, soft fruits and petals.

Rewrite the Stars- A dreamy hit of herbal lavender, embellished with wild vanilla, a hint of strawberry and delicate violet and jasmine.

Rhian’s Caerphilly Kiss - A sweet and scrummy blend of bubbly fizzy pop, bubblegum and sweet black raspberries.

Rhubarb & Vanilla - Tangy rhubarb swirled into creamy vanilla, with subtle hints of marshmallow and caramel.

Rhubarb Cherry Pie - Sweet, tangy cherries and gloriously tart rhubarb come together in this dream-team combination.

Rhubarb Candy - Bubblegum, Cotton Candy and fruit drops with a piquant rhubarb hit!

Rhubarb Jelly - Sharp rhubarb cuts through a sweet and fruity raspberry and blackcurrant jelly.

Rhuborange Fizz - Tangy rhubarb and fizzy orange. A delightful sunshiney, summery blend!

Rhubarb Sherbet - Fizzy sweets with a rhubarb twang.

Rootbeer Float - A fizzy Rootbeer fragrance with a large dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Rosie Lee - A beautiful tea blend with soft rose petals.

Rozanna’s Meditation - Our Signature Tammy’s Tantra, bejeweled with aromatic Indian Incense.

Rozanna’s Relax - Ripe fig, creamy coconut milk and velvet musk, studded with Chocolate Orchid. This is simply beautiful.

Ruby Rose Pyjamas - Rich and luxurious Rhubarb & Rose chunks with a fresh and clean linen overpour.

Sam’s Pink Dreams - Our Signature Sam’s Sweet Dreams, flecked with Pink Sugar.

Sam's Sweet Dreams - Beautiful Pink Chiffon, entwined with relaxing lavender and violet on a base of Sandalwood and White Musk.

Sandal-mOudh - A soothing blend of earthy, Indian sandalwood, rich Oudh and mellowing vanilla.

Sea Dragons - A beautiful sea-serpenty blend of classic dragons with ozony notes and sea salt.

Seaside -Tender beach floras are lightly misted with the refreshing scent of ocean air, ripe succulent summer melon and the subtle familiar scent of suntan lotion.

Seaside Cotton - Similar in style and identity to BBW's Sea Island Cotton. Fresh ozony marine notes which blend nicely with romantic base notes of sheer musk and amber.

Secure The Bag - A sister of Handbags and Gladrags- sweet, feminine perfume in all of it’s glory.

Seductress - Musky Pink Sugar, sultry sandalwood and smooth Nag Champa.

Sensual Dragons - A warm and luxurious fragrance with note of Damask Rose, amber, sandalwood, vanilla and a hint of smoky oud woods.

Serenity - A calming blend of cashmere woods, gentle violets and lavender, peaceful base notes of sandalwood and incense.

Sherbet Sprite - Barrie’s magical blend of chunky Orange Sherbet with our signature Faerie Jelly overpour.

Shimmer - Clean soap, pink perfume, soft petals and a snuggly hug.

Shower & Shave - Clean white soap and a splash of aftershave.

Siren- Beware the innocent call of Sea spray, seaweed & driftwood, an alluring hint of perfume with a lurking, deep patchouli undercurrent.

Sleep Through The Storm - That feeling of waking up in the morning after a storm. Clean, fresh air, gentle florals, a twist of lavender and a gentle base of patchouli and musk.

Sleeping Beauty - Powdery and soft, feminine and lovely. Floral bouquets of lavender and violets, entwined with sandalwood, cashmere and white musk.

Sleeping Draught - Chunks of herbal lavender, drizzled with Indian sandalwood and rich vanilla.

Sleepy Dragons - Powdery lavender and Chamomile soothe the beast to sleep.

Sleepyhead-A magical soothing blend of lavender, chamomile, amber, vanilla, soft musk, warm woods and light spices.

Smells Like Teen Spirit - Musky male aftershave and mosh pits!

Smoking Dragons - A dark, mystical delight of fresh tobacco leaf, vetiver, hay and juniper, mingled with Asian florals, amber, sandalwood and musk with a hint of warm vanilla.

Snoring Sweeney - A relaxing blend of herbal lavender, shaving cream, hot towels, steam, soap suds, and aftershave lotions!

Snow-Sprinkled Sheets- A frosty mix of fresh linen, peppermint and strawberries.

Soothe Your Soul - A relaxing mystical blend, perfect for unwinding of an evening. 

Soothing Sea - Soothing chunks of herbal lavender and sweet spearmint, swimming in a salty sea.

Sour WaterLemon - Tor's blend of Lemon Sherbet and Sour Watermelon Candy. 

Spellbound - Sweet patchouli, amber and soft florals, interwoven with opulent dark fruits, sensual vanilla and powdery musks.

Spiced Cookie - A sweet, buttery cookie with a hint of cinnamon dusting. 

Steamy Dragons - Our signature Fluffy Pink Dragons embrace in a little Kama Sutra.

Strange Magik - Kelly's curious concoction of Hagrid's Hut and Peppermint Chillout.

Strawberry & Pineapple - Ripe and juicy strawberries, slices of sweet pineapple embellished with hints of cotton candy and French vanilla.

Strawberry Blonde - Juicy, ripe strawberry chunks with an fruity, iced Champagne.

Strawberry S’Mores - Scrummy chunks of our Noel’s Gingerbread S’Mores, drizzled in ripe, juicy strawberries. This is sooooooo good!

Strawberry Screwball - Rachael's mouth-watering blend of strawberry ice-cream with a bubblegum twist!

Strawberry Detox - Our amazing super strawberry, blended with cool cucumber slices and fresh mint leaves.

Strawberry Fields - Fresh, sweet greenery adorned with juicy, ripe, plump strawberries. The smell of summer!

Strawberry Kisses- Summery sweet strawberries and creamy vanilla. A dreamy duo!

Strawberry Jam Birthday Cake - Sweet and stick strawberry jam swirled into creamy vanilla cake.

Strawberry Laundry- Sweet, ripe and juicy strawberries on freshly laundered sheets.

Strawberry Lemonade - Fizzy and Zesty fresh lemonade, with ripe, juicy strawberries.

Sweet Taffy Ripple - A super-sweet sugary candy and raspberry ripple scent.

Strawberry Refresher - Our signature Refresher Bar with a strawberry overpour.

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam - Sweet, sticky strawberries and tart rhubarb are the perfect combination in this jammy treat!

Strawberry Wash - A fresh and cleaner sister to our signature Strawberry Laundry.

Sugar Daddy - Courtney’s Black Sugar and Blue Sugar combo.

Sugar High - Chewy, sweet Wham Bar with sweet, juicy oranges.

Sugar Rush - Kelly's fruity-sweet blend of pear drops and sugary candy treats!

Sugar on the Side - Sultry Blonde Moment and Pink Sugar.

Summer Festival - A blend of hippy loveliness, rich earthy patchouli, incense, sandalwood, a touch of fruit and a hint of peppermint leaf.

Summer Linen- Fresh, clean linen with a coconutty twist.

Summer Rain - The smell of a garden of soft florals and subtle fruits after a warm downfall.

Summer Sundae - Imagine sitting, surrounded by flowers on a summer’s day, smothered in coconut suncream and eating an ice-cream. A sweet, creamy coconut and vanilla with hints of lavender and pink petals. Beautiful!

Sun-Dried Sheets - Clean, dry washing, just picked in from a day in the sunshine.

Sunday Girl- A stunning blend of Blonde Moment and Pink Chiffon.

Sunlounger - Nicola’s layers of Vanilla and Gain with a summery glow of Coconut Milk & Lavender.

Sunshine After the Rain - Clean, oceanic, salty air, mingled with sun-ripened fruits.

Sunshiny Sheets - A bright and clean laundry fragrance, with notes of sweet mangoes and apples, clean white florals, soft musks and twist of greenery.

Sweeney Todd - Barbershop turns dark with blood-red berries and a twisted edge of myrrh.

Sweet Baby Snuggles - Soft Baby Powder, a hint of lavender and sweet parma violets. 

Sweet Sixteen - Sparkling perfumes, exotic orchids and a hint of vanilla on a base of chiffon musk.

Take a Chill Pill- The ultimate stress-buster, packed with essential oils to bring calm amongst the chaos.

Taking The Biscuit - Barrie’s Jammy Dodger - inspired blend of juicy raspberry jam and sweet, crumbly biscuit.

Tammy's Tantra - A zen-like blend of Sweetened Sandalwood, Chocolate Orchid and Nag Champa. Utterly beautiful!

Tangtastic - Perfect for a sweetie addict! Mouthwatering blue raspberries, tangy rhubarb and sweet bubblegum.

The Snow Queen - Wintery holly and pine with hints of rose turkish delight.

Thomas’s Fangtastic - Thomas has taken his Tango Twist and given it a cheeky bubblegum hit. This is a totally fruity, sweetie delight!

Thomas’s Loopy Lockdown - The mini man’s choice of sweet strawberry, zesty lime and sugary Fruit Loops!

Thomas's Tango Twist - A citrus blast of juicy limes, sugared lemon and sweet fizzy orange! The blend was chosen by our very own mini Scentsible person!

Thomas’s Toxic Cloud - Created by the mini mastermind himself, a lime-spiked cotton candy blend, with hints of strawberry, a ton of sugar and a twist of vanilla.

Thomas’s Trick or Treat - Fruity, sweet and really bad for your teeth!

Tickle Me Pink - Alison’s girly blend of pink perfumes and Tokyo Milk.

Tinkerbell’s Hen Do - Tinkerbell is getting married! What better way to celebrate than dress us, blast yourself in sweet, musky perfume and hit the town!

Toffee Apple Birthday Cake - Sticky, caramelised toffee apple with a sweet, vanilla base.

Tokyo Dreams - Claire’s stunning mix of Tokyo Milk, swirled with red velvet cream, sugary musk and wild strawberries. Beautiful!

Tokyo Princess - Pretty pink and white perfumes.

Toothache - Chewy, sugary and hard-boiled sweets. So sweet, it’ll make your teeth hurt!

Tormund - A rugged, musky man scent, with hint of the frozen north.

Total Eclipse - Chunky black sugar, smothered with soothing lavender, tonka and ylang ylang.

Trippy Moo- Purple Cow and Orange Sherbet- a blend hugely requested by our customers!

Trumping Dragons (Yep, he's called it that) - The dragon has been munching on the fruit bowl and is now blowing bubbles instead of smoke! Tropical fruits, take on a musky, mystical twist.

Turkish Temptress - Sweet black raspberries, Turkish rose and smooth vanilla. 

Tutti Frutti Ice Cream - Creamy vanilla with sugary, fruit candies.

Tweenage Dirtbag - Quite the opposite of the name, red velvet cream, whipped chiffon musk and sweet cotton candy make this a sugary perfumed heaven.

Twilight Ripple - A sleepy, salty- sea blend, sweetened with soft marshmallow.

Twisting My Melon, Man - Juicy, sweet melon with a citrus twist.

Udderwear - Fresh, clean gain chunks drizzled in Purple Cow.

Vampire Sex On The Beach - Forget cocktails! This is Lisa's ultra-sexy blend of Eric, salty ocean air, sea spray, driftwood and herbal lavender. Our favourite vampire is getting naughty in the dunes!

Vanilla Dane Noël - Cosy & warm Hot Orange Danish, mellowed with creamy vanilla.

Vanilla Sky - Cotton candy clouds, blue sky and a touch of vanilla to make this a super sweet delight.

Vanilla Summer- Nicola's Coconut Milk & Lavender chunks with a vanilla overpour. Smells like a sweet, summery suncream! 

Velvet Pyjamas - Our beautiful Pajamarama is sweetened with rich red velvet creme, sugared musk and wild strawberries.

Voldersnort - He Who Must Not Be Named meets Miss Piggy. Sam’s stunning mix of pink, musky sugar with gentle notes of Amber, Patchouli and Sandal.

Violet Faeries - Our stunning Snow Faerie with sweet Parma Violet.

Violet Ice - A cool night breeze, kissed by gentle sweet violet.

Waterberry Quencher - Nicola's refreshing and fruity crush!

Waterfalls - A cool, Mediterranean waterfall, framed by olive trees, cyclamen and earthy vetiver.

Welcome To The Darkside - A masculine Black Sugar blend, enhanced with bergamot, green apple and lavender.

Wham Bam - Rhian’s sweet shop blend of creamy Wham Bar, pear drops and bubbly fizzy pop.

Wibeke Wizardry - Vintage rose and herbal lavender entwined with a mystical incense and earthy patchouli.

Witching Dragons - Mystical Dragons blood, sweetened with juicy blackcurrants, and vanilla.

Yōsei - A Japanese magical creature; Tokyo Milk and faerie magic!

You Know Nothing... (Jon Snow) - Welcome to the 2018 version! Manly musk, with a touch of Northern forest.

Zest For Life - Bright and zingy lemons, tart rhubarb and mouth-watering pineapples.

Zingzilla - A zingy mash up of Pink Lemonade, Rhubarb & Lemon.