1oz Advent Shots
1oz Advent Shots
1oz Advent Shots
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1oz Advent Shots

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Our limited edition, exclusive Advent wax melts in a handy 1oz Scent Shot. 

Sleigh My Name
Bubbles and sparkles, fresh air meandering around soft fruits and florals.
Fairy Lights
Twinkling fruits and sweet candy drops.
Making A List
Crisp sheets of paper, your favourite pen and letter full of wishes.
Resting Grinch Face
When you face looks sour on the outside, but inside you're oh-so sweet!
Birch, Please!
Straighten that crown and be the queen you are! A not to be messed with outdoorsy fragrance with alluring notes of rose and earthy woods.
Now I have a Machine Gun
Straight-up man and they don't come more hardcore than Bruce, trying to save Christmas!
Cotton Candy Snow
Pink & Fluffy Snowflakes, sweet and cool.
All the jingle ladies
Girls' Christmas Night Out...Sparkly dresses and favourite perfume.
Naughty Or Nice
Sticky sweets and creamy vanilla.
Frosty Knickers
Oops! We left the washing on the line and now it's frozen solid!
Santa's Cracking Nuts
Creamy, sweet nuts and tart cranberry.
The Land Of Far, Far Away
Dreaming of a far-off land with powdery musks, warm woods and exotic florals
Christmas Down Under
A sunshine blend of oceanic breeze and lime cream soda.
Jingle Smells
When you're so excited you may pop! Bubbly, cosy and full of fun.
Elf Isolate
Oh no! The Elves have tested positive and stocking up on decongestant!
Please sir, I want some myrrh
Lightly masculine & mystical with notes of cologne, frankincense & myrrh.
Reindeer Food
Sprinkle liberally so the reindeer will find you. Sweet, creamy shortbread with hints of frozen cherry.
A Not So Silent Night
When the work doesn't stop when the kids are in bed. Time to tackle that basket of washing!
Three Wise Women
Sophisticated, mysterious and totally in control.
Wonder Nights
Dark, cloudless skies and twinking stars.
A grown-up rich & woody fragrance with dark, opulent fruits.
Gingerbread House Party
The gingerbread family are hosting a party. Bring your own mulled punch!
Gold, Frankenstein & Grrrr
Rich, golden pears, soothing lavender and cedar bring the calm amongst the chaos.
Merry Bloody Christmas
Juicy oranges, crisp apple and a hint of spice. Merry Christmas!