Hallowe'en pre-order special!

Pre-order our oh-so-spooky Nightmare Before Christmas- inspired collection of signature blends.

10 unique blends in spooky scents in a mixture of shapes and shots for just £25.00, plus postage and packing.

The scents are:

Jack Skellington - No pumpkin here, though he is the King of them. Jack smells of A&F fierce & ethereal florals.

Beautiful Sally - A little bit of everything makes up our patchwork girl. Beautiful pink chiffon, sweet lavender & a touch of purple sandalwood.

Zero - Spine-tinglingly cool and fresh with frosty peppermint, water florals and a touch of Vetiver, perfect for Jack's translucent best buddy.

Deadly Nightshade - Black berries & forest firs.

Lock Shock & Barrel - Relaxing lavender & baby powder to lead you into a false sense of security. With a punch of zesty lime at end. Stinks of sweetness & betrayal.

Oogie Boogie - Wriggling worms & maggots, carrying the stench of mud & long dead corpses! Oudh &  dark spices.

Sandy Claws - chimney smoke & peppermint candy canes. 

Dr Finkelstein - A Stainless steel cage laced with deadly nightshade. Poor Sally can never get away!

Halloween Town - A mixed bag of all the sweesweetiesties & maybe a trick or two. Candy corn & lots of boiled sweeties.

Light & Shade on the Hill - Jack & Sally finally together, gentle hugs. & puppy snuggles with Zero. Here is our Happy ever after.

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